7 Things Running has Done for Me

I understand that running is not for everyone. I don’t enjoy running as much as I would like to as well. Neither am I considered good at it. In fact this morning I struggled with an easy run and only managed 4km before I threw in the towel. My left hip was a little tight and I was running out of breath even at the easiest of pace.

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Life can be so Fleeting

22nd May 2021 – Twenty one runners died after an extreme weather descended on a mountain trail race in Baiyin City in Gansu province, North West of China. The Huanghe Shilin (Yellow River Stone Forest) 100km trail race which features winding rocky path along the Yellow River, began that Saturday morning in sunny conditions. But within three hours of starting, the weather condition changed to freezing rain, hail and extreme winds, lashing participants in the high-altitude trail-ultra.  

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4 Reasons to Invest in Boring Dividend Stocks

In recent times we have seen record retail participation in stock markets around the world. On surface, building wealth through stock investment can appear and even sound easy. The trouble is human greed, unrealistic expectations, and impatience can often lead to overtrading and terrible underperformance very quickly.

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Growing like the Bamboo

Training for an ultra-distance requires running a relatively high weekly mileage. Accumulating these weekly mileage has somewhat been a challenge for me. The Covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on everyone. All race events have been either cancelled or postponed to next year. Parks are sealed off and forest trails closed. Social distancing is enforced and we are not allowed to congregate or run in groups. It is not easy to go on training with all these restrictions, especially when there are no race excitements or pressures in the horizon.

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The Wonder of Compounding Interest

Compounding interest – is this the greatest mathematical discovery in human history? I have always been fascinated by the concept and power of compounding. In financial terms, compounding refers to the process of earning the returns on principal (the original amount you invested) plus the return that was earned earlier.

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Don’t Stay in the Cabin

The only things you regret are the things you don’t do. – Michael Curtiz

There was a story of a man who stayed in the cabin of his trip across the Atlantic Ocean. He had saved for many years with the dream of moving to America, the land of opportunity. It was in the early nineteenth century, so times were hard. But the time came when he finally saved enough money to afford passage on a large ocean liner.

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