Writing can be Good

Writing was never my thing. Language was not my strength. I remember struggling with grammar and spelling in school. I wasn’t into reading either. It was much later after I started working that I began to take interest reading books.

So why do I spend time writing and working on this blog? Sometimes I wonder that as well. Why do I write? What can I gain from it? It is not that writing comes naturally to me. Writing is just not my strong suit. It takes me hours to write, rewrite and correct each of my blog-posts. 

What I know is that I have come to appreciate good articles, books and the ability of talented writers to produce masterpieces. I find it interesting to be able to learn from others who have spent so much time learning and then detailing them so well in a tidy package.

I may be writing, but I would not consider myself a writer. It is an identify I dare not claim yet. I keep this work to myself, even my wife has no idea of this blog. Right now it is just a personal project. But who knows, one day, my aspiration could blossom into something meaningful. 

The lotus plant comes to mind. It is only by growing in the mud that stunning beautiful lotus flowers emerges.     

So why do I bother with writing?

There are 4 reasons I write:

1 – Writing is a way of thinking

Writing allows me the opportunities to explore ideas and understand information. It is through writing that I get to know a subject of interest well and even make it my own. Writing helps me to learn deeper and gain authority over knowledge. Knowledge is useless unless i personalise and apply it to what I need it for. 

Sharing what I learn through this blog is a way of me teaching what I know. When I write with the intention to share, I get to play the role of a teacher, someone who knows the material sufficiently well to organise and present it clearly.    

2 – Writing is a way of discovering

Writing allows me to make unexpected connections among ideas and the language. As I write, sometimes new thoughts emerge and interconnect in ways that bring new meaning and understanding. There is a lot to discover during writing. Sometimes new ideas can be shaped at the point of writing.

It is amazing that that insights can come only when you write and rewrite, each time trying to get closer to what you want to say.  Then without realsing it, you stumble upon new ideas and new ways of expressing yourself more effectively.

Writing can also be a form of meditating. When you are in a flow, writing is peaceful and can be an effective way to de-stress and let go the troubles in your mind. 

3 – Writing is a way of communicating

Writing is an important ability of the modern world. Writing skill is a must whether in college or at work as a means to communicate your understanding and ideas. In fact throughout your life, your writing will reveal your ability to think clearly and to use the language effectively.

Writing can help you to effectively convey memorable information via the art of story telling. Telling a story is much more effective than stating bare facts. In fact telling a story can plant emotions, thoughts and ideas in the brain of the readers. That means that writers have the power to influence others.  

That is why I think it is vital that we are able to master at least one language strongly. In your main language, have the ability to understand, speak, and most importantly write effectively.  

4 – Writing creates reading

Writing is indeed a powerful means of communication. It creates a permanent and visible record of my ideas for others to read and ponder. Reading not only informs, it can also shape human’s thoughts.

You and I are free to write and share our individual interests and even beliefs. All of us have the access to the power of the written word. This freedom is there for us to exercise and it is a powerful tool to even help us achieve our potential.   

Writing can be explained as a way of communicating a message to a reader for a purpose. The purpose of my work here is to inspire others to aspire more in life so that we reach our full potential.

It is my hope that my writings (or musings) can somehow and someday be a literary work that contributes to the personal achievements of individuals reading and learning from them.    

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