Join me in exploring the art of living live to the fullest potential.

Aspire more!


The lotus is a beautiful flower that only grows from the mud. Mud is akin the obstacles in life.


Out of the mud a beautiful lotus emerges. Similarly it is from life’s obstacles, we grow and gain wisdom


Hi, I’m Nat.

I am an aspiring author and speaker. No impressive list of portfolio as yet. I am working towards entrepreneurship, painstakingly looking for ways to transform myself from an employee to hopefully, an owner of businesses.

I like the outdoors and would like to consider myself an adventurer, although the most adventurous part of my life now is being the father to two little boys who happens to be twins. I run a little and struggled through a few marathons over last few years.

As you can see, I am pretty ordinary. Your everyday guy. But one thing i do is that i also aspire for more.