Hi there!

I am Nat, a father, business-leader, investor, and work-in-progress ultra-runner. Putting it bluntly, I am your typical family guy juggling 9 to 5 work whilst pursuing a challenge that will keep me fit at the same time.

On this site, I pen my learning and thoughts on psychology, productivity, investment and fitness, just for fun.

There are two main sections here, Go-Life and Go-Ultra. Go-Life is where I muse on the joys and nuances of life. The other page, Go-Ultra, is my sandbox for the journey of running a 100km trail ultra.

I am currently challenging myself to complete a 100km trail race. My aim is to build sufficient endurance to complete the 100km distance within the stipulated race cut-off time (Which is generally around 32 hours). But what I am really working towards in a longer term is to have the stamina to complete the 100km trail within a 24-hour period.

Depending on race locations, a 100km trail may feature total elevation gains of between 5,000 to 7,000m. Running a 100km trail ultra within 24 hours is a lofty goal for me. But this will also encourage me to work on this challenge for a long time.

Some context here. Like most, I work full time and struggle to find sufficient time to train, juggling between business and family responsibilities. I have been running trail ultras for about two years (2018 & 2019) and have worked up to 55km trail distances (with elevation gains in the regions of 2500m). I have no history of any running success during school years nor am I blessed with any athletic talent. I picked up running in my late thirties to replace social golfing (time consuming) and racquet games (knee wrecking) when my twin-boys came along. In terms of fitness and ability, I am currently a mid-pack ultra-runner, now approaching my mid-forties.

This site may skew towards the nuts and bolts of running an ultra but the centre message of my work here is to inspire everyone to achieve more in life. For me, it’s aspiring to be a great husband, father, leader, investor and run that 100km trail well. For you it will be something else. Whatever that may be, I wish you well.

Aspire for more today.