Relationship & Happiness

Don’t Look for Happiness

It turns out that happiness is the wrong question to ask. We can’t buy happiness just as we can’t achieve happiness. It is just there.

For Better or For Worst

Marriage is not easy. But I know a strong marriage is very important for the family. Here are 10 lessons on marriage that I can resonate with.

Why Relationships Matter

It turns out that the number one ingredient that keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life is meaningful relationships.

5 Ways to more Happiness

Life is sprinkled with opportunities for discovering happiness. Look for the little things that will make you happy.

Never Work a Day in Your Life Again

Why do we struggle to find happiness at work? How can we truly be happy and satisfied with our jobs?

12 Lessons to Live by

You don’t have to wait till midlife to learn life lessons through own experiences. Here are 12 of my favourite you may also live by.

Don’t Stay in the Cabin

What are the opportunities available to you today? There is so much to see, to do, to experience, and to live for. Aspire to be more today.